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Selling your Collection
-Your Collection of Civil War Books/Manuscripts-
Selling, Auctioning, Gifting?

    Even today, with the interest in the Civil War and its books at an all time high, more Civil War book and manuscript collections are carelessly dissipated or sold in haste than are handled properly.  Immortal as you may be, someday someone is going to dispose of your collection and, if that someone doesn't know anything about books and doesn't know who to contact, chances are your books will go to the Salvation Army, the library book sale or to Joe the local book dealer who's a fair enough fellow, but who doesn't know anything about Civil War books and thinks $5 each across the board is equitable, including your first edition of Company Aytch, etc.

    Be smart—give me a call before in extremis arrives and I will send you written information of my procedure for buying Civil War books and manuscripts.  For over 40 years, collectors have been telling their wives "Call Tom," two words that take the worry out of disposing of your collection.  However, fair's fair.  Wait another ten years and call here asking for Tom, and whoever answers will probably tell you he's not here anymore—he got "called."  Happens to the best of us – and all of us.

    Each year, we sell thousands of out-of-print and rare Civil War books and manuscripts.  This stock must be constantly replenished; thus, we travel some 30,000 miles a year purchasing Civil War material.  Most of our purchases are made from individuals.

    Though we are glad to purchase small lots of books and individual volumes of value, we are most interested in, and will pay most for, large collections.  For these collections, we will come to your home, pack the books properly and carefully, transport them door to door in our van (insured), issue a catalog with each title of value listed individually, purchase all books (not just the best and leave the rest), and pay a fair percentage of retail value.  If you prefer, we can estimate the value of your collection and purchase as is, where is.

    With 40+ years of experience in buying and selling out-of-print and rare Civil War material, 4 employees and a large store, we have the knowledge and ability to handle any size collection expeditiously and competently.  We wrote the Price Guide for Civil War Books (now in its fifth edition), have issued over 400 catalogs, and are able to realize the highest prices for Civil War material.

So. . . if you will be selling your collection, or if someone else will be selling your collection, keep us in mind.

~Broadfoot's:  40 years of selling Civil War books full time—more than 400 catalogs—4 employees.  We have sold many of the better collections offered in recent years including: Richard Harwell, Bell Wiley, Bob White, Lee Wallace, Cary Close, Robert Sommerfield, The Late Unpleasantness, Mike Mullins.  In addition to individual collections, we have purchased the Civil War stock of D. A. Bulen, Lost Generation Bookshop, Gitmans, McCowat Mercer, Continental Book Company, etc. With Broadfoot, you're in good company.  References provided—better yet, ask around.

~No shipping or packing. We will come to your location, pack your books, load them, and move them from your door to our store in our vehicle.  Your books are in good hands all the way with Broadfoot’s.

~No need to make a listing of the material.  A complete listing of the collection is made (our catalog), listing each item of value individually with a description and price.  We don't buy on consignment—we purchase outright.  If and when the books sell is our concern, not yours. If you’d like a recent catalog, just ask.

~At no charge to you, we will clean your books as needed, make repairs as needed, fit the better book with acid-free mylar dust jackets and place pamphlets and fragile material in protective folding slipcases. These extras ensure that your titles are protected and preserved; this will increase the value of your collection substantially—at no cost to you.

~We can handle any size collection, though the average purchase is in the $15,000-$75,000 range.  Perhaps most importantly, our purchase of your collection can be set up in advance.  Quite a few Civil War collectors have advance purchase agreements with us.  If you have a large collection which will someday be sold, we'd like to hear from you.

~If you are considering selling your collection, would like more information, or have questions, give me a call.  If you live near one of the Civil War shows we will be attending, come by and talk with us.

Tom Broadfoot
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